As part of the launch and operation of Dominion’s new domain name extensions, we are offering a rare opportunity for leaders in the yachting community to have advance access to new domain names by applying for the .Yachts Founders Program. This program is exclusive to industry leaders that wish to be recognized and promoted as innovators, first movers who strive to set themselves apart from their competition.

The goal of the .Yachts Founders Program is to encourage the use and public awareness of the .Yachts new domain name extension, educate the public about the safety and authenticity of content on .Yachts domain names and to promote our Pioneers as the leaders and innovators who are building this safe and relevant content on .Yachts for the community.

To participate in the .Yachts Founders Program, you must submit a fully completed application (below) or a formal proposal including each element in this application on your company letterhead. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If your application is accepted for the Program you will be required to sign a Founders Program Agreement.

Our Commitment:

Dominion Registries is committed to the promotion of our Founders’ websites. This promotion may occur in multiple online and offline venues within your industry and the digital communities of advertising, search, marketing and the domain names. Our goal is to fully support our Founders with the promotion of their projects in as many ways possible.


Founder Requirements and Expectations

  • Meet domain registration requirements as defined in our Registration Policy.
  • Submit a quantifiable, robust marketing plan to promote the use of the new website.
  • Promotions must use the full domain name as referred to with and including www.___________.Yachts (for example: www.GambettiCharter.Yachts) to maximize public awareness of the new domain name extension and associate it with a complete website address.
  • The website must resolve to the agreed upon designated domain name (it cannot be redirected to another website address). You can forward other domains to your designated domain name and website. We will be happy to assist you with resources for best practices in forwarding existing sites to a new domain name.
  • Founders must agree to allow Dominion to use their name, logo and website address for promotional purposes.
  • Issue a press release and/or participate in a joint press release with Dominion announcing the launch of your website and/or participation in the Founders Program.
  • Allow Dominion to promote your website in various ways including press releases, advertising, videos, social media communications, case studies, etc.
  • Dominion makes no warranties to the availability of any specific domain names.
  • Dominion has the sole discretion to select Founders Program participants from eligible Applicants.

Click here to view and download the Founders Application

Click here to view and download the Founders Agreement